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Unfold 2025
Unfold 2025

Unfold Awards

The world is full of remarkable hoteliers – it’s time to celebrate that. The Unfold Awards recognise the amazing achievements of Mews customers, shining the spotlight on those who help to move our industry forward. 

How to enter 

If you think your property or brand is a worthy winner, you can nominate yourself. The steps are simple: 

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    Download the submission form here

  • 02

    Fill in the form to show off your excellence 

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    Send it back to this address, including your Customer Success Manager on Cc 

You have until April 26th, 2024, to enter for as many categories as you like. The winners will be announced on stage at Unfold 2024. Before you enter, please read the terms and conditions

Award categories

There are four awards up for grabs, and all Mews customers are eligible. Take a look through the categories and see where you fit in. 

  • Most Innovative Guest Experience


    Remarkable guest experiences don’t just happen – they require the hard work and innovation of forward-thinking hoteliers and industry-leading technology. That’s where you come in.

    This award recognizes those setting a new standard of guest experiences, consistently going above expectations. So, tell us how you and your team are crafting memorable stays. For a change, we’re not just looking for data: share your stories about how guests get an experience like no other, from personalized services to unique offerings.  

  • Most Innovative Staff Experience


    Does your team love turning up to work every day? This award is for those who are redefining what it means to be a hotelier, moving away from button-pushing processes to a fully engaged workforce.

    Tell us how your innovative approach to staffing and operations fosters a motivated team. We’re looking for creative thinking that empowers people to provide remarkable hospitality, all of which likely leads to higher staff satisfaction scores, boosted efficiency and lower staff turnover.  

  • The Trailblazer Award


    This one’s for the pace setters. We’re looking for new-to-Mews properties that have truly embraced the benefits of a cloud-native hospitality, adapting in rapid time to new systems and processes.

    Tell us about the exceptional speed of your rollout, innovative training approaches and swift product adoption. Whether through Mews University, partner technology or custom training programs, showcase how your team is setting a new standard for hospitality transformation.  

  • Tech Team of the Year


    Behind every great hotelier is technology that empowers them. Scoping, implementing and using this technology is the role of product, IT and system specialists, and this award is for those teams doing exceptional work.

    We want to know if your team plays a vital role in shaping the industry with groundbreaking tech, driving business success and inspiring others. This could cover guest experiences, optimizing operations or driving revenue – anything that helps you stay ahead in the fast-changing hospitality landscape.  

Ready to submit your entry?

Now you know the categories, it's time to think about your submission. Download the entry form where you can provide the evidence for your greatness.


Once the nominations are in, our esteemed judges will review the submissions and choose the winners. Our unbribable panel represents the Mews leadership team, and consists of:

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    Leah Anathan


    Unofficial Mews CTO (Chief Talking Officer), Leah has a wealth of experience in leading global marketing teams and driving brand development success.

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    Paul Mooney


    Mews customers are pretty special, which requires a pretty special person to champion them. Enter Paul, whose mission is to empower our hoteliers and help them to even greater successes.

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    Josef Starýchfojtů


    Pepa’s origin story is inspiring: he joined Mews as a humble backend developer with nothing but hard work and prodigious talent, worked his way through the ranks to lead our tech and product team.


Aside from the warm glow of adulation from your fellow hospitality innovators, there are plenty of reasons to get serious about winning. 

A unique and beautiful (seriously) trophy 
Recognition across public channels (you know how Mews can light up LinkedIn)
An extra special prize to help you celebrate


26 April

Submit your entries

26 April - 4 May


10 May

Nominations announced

29 May

Winners announced on stage at Mews Unfold


If you have any questions about something not covered here or want to take part in the conversation about the Unfold Awards, head to our dedicated page on Mews Community.
And don’t forget to book your ticket to Unfold if you haven’t already.